In the last dev entry, I told you about my passion: games. One thing I didn’t explicitly list, but did include in the entry, were puzzles. I had planned on making a dedicated post for these in the future, and to hint at some hidden puzzles in the posts – to be a kind of scavenger hunt for everyone. Whoever solves a puzzle first (or finds something hidden that is part of the scavenger hunt) will get a free Steam key for the game, as well as guaranteed access to the closed beta on Steam – once the game has reached that stage.

Unfortunately for me – but fortunately for him – Patrick Hendriks already found the first puzzle, without knowing my intentions. There was a “hidden” message in the last dev entry – which Safari’s “reader view” revealed. So, this has forced me to come clean about this now, rather than later – but this is totally fine!

Puzzles and hidden messages can be anywhere: in newsletters, posts, videos, on Twitter… maybe even in one of Jamey’s weekly Livecasts – and sometimes a bit of creativity or knowledge in certain fields may be necessary to discover them. However, there will also be plain “riddles” every so often, so as not to not exclude anyone. One thing that complicates things a bit, however, is that people live in different time-zones, and some people might be asleep when a new post appears. To mitigate this issue, I will try to switch up the times that I will post from time to time.

Additionally, I will pin a post to the top of the Facebook group, which will reflect: the current state of the hunt, the rules that are in effect, and – from time to time – give hints…

For now, the rules are as follows:

  • You can only win once, so after that please don’t (publicly) post another solution. However, you are welcome to message privately to find out if you have found something, or have the right answer.
  • No public hints please – don’t spoil anything for anyone! Even after a solution has been posted, don’t explain it yet. We will do that in a separate post!
  • The “answer” must be posted as a direct comment to the corresponding Facebook post.
  • To be able to distinguish between an answer and a normal comment, please preface it with “Puzzle: ”.
  • You have only one attempt, and no edits – not even for typos! 
  • If you find something hidden, that is more than a few words, then it is most likely the instruction how to get to the answer, and not the answer itself!
  • Staff of Stonemaier Games are excluded from posting the answers – as they will get those benefits anyway.

Comments as always under the Facebook post