Dev Update 2: Current State

Now for the first update on the state of the game! Visuals often convey information more clearly than text; so, let’s take a look at the following table:

Each row corresponds to a certain set of YouTrack issues within our issue tracker. The columns correspond to the progress in those sets. Green means that a column is finished, and orange that it is still in progress. As you may have noticed, the percentage columns are not evenly split. This is due to the fact that often the final 10% of any project takes much, much longer than any earlier 10% would. So internally, when estimating where we stand, we often do this to account for that fact.

Not everything is listed just now, as there are things that we have not yet organised into our tracking system; either because we aren’t yet aware of them, or because they depend on factors that are yet to be determined.

Furthermore, please be aware that a block in 2 different rows can take different amounts of time, so don’t even try to figure out an estimated timeframe when you see changes to this chart! 😉

“Other (Uncategorized)” refers to certain things where there is not a single, clear category that it fits in. Often these issues span multiple categories. 

Lastly, this chart only reflects the state of the game – it completely ignores marketing, community building, or any other overhead!

In any case, I hope this gives a good impression on where we stand right now!

In the next update, I will share some snippets from the successful pitch we sent to Stonemaier Games…

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