Dev Update 3

To begin with, here is the updated progress sheet: The alert reader will have noticed that there has been a new row added: “InGame – Tech Cards”. Due to tech cards and track actions sharing a lot of code, they were not previously considered their own “progress set”. As we have now reached the point …

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Puzzle Solution: 4

After Gheorghe Orbesteanu solved it – the answer was “Thor” – here are some explanations for the hints: I am no stranger to Scythe.I lost something in Tapestry. Thor is an easter egg on the Scythe board, and his hammer is an easter egg on one of the Tapestry tiles! They called me by many …

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Puzzle Solutions: 1 + 3

Puzzle 1: The message was “hidden” by having a white colored font on a white colored background as can be seen here: Puzzle 3: The message was in the file name of the image:

Dev Update 2: Current State

Now for the first update on the state of the game! Visuals often convey information more clearly than text; so, let’s take a look at the following table: Each row corresponds to a certain set of YouTrack issues within our issue tracker. The columns correspond to the progress in those sets. Green means that a …

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In the last dev entry, I told you about my passion: games. One thing I didn’t explicitly list, but did include in the entry, were puzzles. I had planned on making a dedicated post for these in the future, and to hint at some hidden puzzles in the posts – to be a kind of …

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